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Martinique, Caribbean

Winding French roads through mountains, oceans, waterfalls with cane and banana plantations, all in the middle of the Caribbean. Martinique… a beautiful combination of the two cultures.

I traveled there to compete in a Women’s 3000 Qualifying Series event and enjoyed my time eating croissants for breakfast and dining on the fresh seafood and local organic vegetables.

I surfed at the contest site with friends until the sun went down, a long right wave that broke on shallow rocks that were quite a stumble to get in on but fun non the less. I didn’t do very well in the competition, getting knocked in the first round heat. I felt very disappointed in myself on making many wrong decisions… You always have to learn from your mistakes and always be grateful! So for the rest of my time on the island, we did some adventuring down to Tartane, a beautiful town with many fun reef breaks. The backdrop of this place was amazing- covered in radiant green palm trees with the bluest ocean I have ever seen. I was with such an awesome group of friends, every trip was so fun! We hiked up and down and through the mud to a beautiful waterfall one day and surfed for countless hours the next!

The local people of Martinique were so funny and kind, I definitely made friends with some hilarious characters – who tried to teach me Creole, a local language that mixes both French and Caribbean!

There is so much magic in such a small island- I can’t wait to go back and discover more!

Here is my video log from my week there, I hope you enjoy!


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