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surfboard gifting

As my surfing journey began with a moment of generosity from Laura Enever, I've always had the dream of gifting boards to the next young surfer- sparking their passion for being in the ocean. In the last 6 years I've been so lucky to have had the chance to gift my preloved boards every trip I could, sneaking in a few more sleds to pass the stoke along! Here are a few of those moments.

Canoa Surf Club, Ecuador

In early 2020, I got to visit the beloved surf town of Canoa and gift a board to the club. They work to educate and share ocean knowledge as well as caring for costal communities. I got to plant some coconut trees and go for a wave! 


Illembe Surf Club, South Africa

During my 2019 trip to compete in South Africa, I made sure to bring a few extra boards to giveaway once I was there. I met Olewethu at the contest and decided to pass on my board to her and take her for a surf the following day! I also got to support the Illembe Surfrider's development days by donating a board to be auctioned. 


Bahia Surf Club, Ecuador 

In my father's hometown of Bahia De Caraquez, Ecuador we gifted a few boards to the growing surfing community during a visit in 2018. After the 2016 earthquake that affected this whole area, we were so happy to see and feel the stoke from the next generations of local surfers. 


Jurakai Surf Club, Australia

In the late spring of 2020, I hung out and surfed with the Jurakai Girls, an Indigenous surf club based out of Fingal Head. Sharing culture, surf and stoke, I'm so happy to have donated a preloved board for everyone to enjoy!


Mumu Surf School, India

In 2017 I met with the legends behind Mumu Surf School in Malibalipuram, India and learnt of their great initiates to get local kids into the ocean. You can rent their boards or pick up a few buckets of plastic along the beach before heading into the water. We brought some boards and gifted to the upcoming brothers who were out there everyday! I hope to visit again sometime.


Nias, Sumatra 

In 2018 I visited the island of Nias, Sumatra and fell in love with the amazing right hand point break and the local culture. We brought along a couple of boards and donated prizes for a local contest. It made our hearts smile to return and see groms still using the boards!


Groms in Biak, West Papua

During a trip with Sea Trees in early 2020, I stumbled upon a costal community with the sweetest kids. We were there to set up a mangrove reforestation with Eden Projects and loved surfing and teaching the younger ones about the ocean and the vital part mangroves play in protection of these very atolls. Project Blue set up amazing booklets and I got to push some new friends on their very first waves. I left my board with them and get updates on their surfing. 


Surfer girls in Taiwan 

I was so amazed to visit such a bustling surf community in Waiao. In 2019, I got to speak about my surf journey and gift a board. We headed down to the beach and learnt about pre- surf warm ups and collected plastic after a few waves. 


Iluka & Angourie Boardriders Girls Day!

Giving back to the very support system that sets up so much joy for the surfing community, it was incredible to have the chance to support Iluka and Yamba's up and coming young girls. Carly Shanahan and I organised a girls surf day and played beach games like we did when we were groms. I passed on a board for the clubs in 2019 to have whenever these girls needed. 

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