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A few months ago my Mum bought a protein powder for the first time.

She was worried that I wasn’t replenishing enough after doing lots of surfing, training and physical output. I just can’t eat as many eggs as my little brother at breakfast and constantly snacking just doesn’t cut it.

Anyway, she tentatively walked into the health food shop at our local shopping centre and was recommended the new RAW paleo powder. As she looked at the ingredients: organic, vegan, sugar free, prebiotic and probiotic – she thought: wow – this looks really good!

Then she made me my first smoothie with it and it tasted really good!

THEN she did a little research into the company and was blown away by the ethics of the company and especially the story of the founder, Dwayne Martens. (

He was a traveller looking to do something good for the world, while making a living and started importing acai berries into Australia – helping local communities in the process.

Being born in Ecuador with my Mum very much involved in projects to help local communities and protect forests – it felt like a perfect match!

So, for the past few months now I have been having a RAW paleo protein smoothie every morning before my first surf. I’ve also tried a few of the other powders; energy, greens and immune boost. Not only have I been really healthy with lots of energy – I’ve actually grown 3 cms taller!

I’m so happy to be part of the Amazonia team and really hope I can go for a surf with Dwayne when I head down to Sydney for the Australian open of surfing at the end of February…Maybe he’ll let me stay in his teepee!


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