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Byron Bay Surf Fest

On the 27th of October , we drove up to Byron Bay for a surf festival.

It is based on the surfing culture and getting down to earth with the surfing and how important it is to really feel and connect to this peaceful sport.

Anyway before the actual event started, they hosted a movie night where everyone brings a rug and we watch a surfing movie on a massive blow up screen . I brought my good friend , Samara ,( follow her on Instagram!! @samaraacribb ) and we watch a really good movie about surfing in Italy!

Guess who was in the movie and was there! David Rastovich!! And Lauren!! ( it would be best to go to April 2013 and read ‘The Amazing Conference’ to know what I am talking about ) we hadn’t seen them for so long! Dave gave me a big hug!

After the movie it was dark and we met up with some other friends and skated down to the shops , I know this sound really boring but it was so magical. The lights and the speed … Ahh it made me feel so happy 🙂

The next morning we went nice and early to Watergose beach and entered a Grom comp ( it was flat but fun ), Yani and I didn’t go that well , haha but it was still fun. After the comp , Yani and I went and browsed around , looking at all the different shapes and sizes of surfboards and hand planes.

Then we asked a man if we could lend his surfboards , and he let us! I tried a wooden twin fin, and Yani tried a wooden thruster . It was so cool! It was tiny surf but so awesome!!

After our sick sesh, we saw Dave doing a work shop about how to ride olo.

In ancient times, the Olo was reserved for the royalty of Hawaii. This is why surfing is called, “The sport of kings.” Known to be the only two who own 16ft ancient Olo replicas in Australia, Dave Rastovich and Tom Wegener demoed with a handful of selected surfers to show how tricky they are to ride even for the most experienced surfer

To my surprise, I was one of the few people Dave took out to try and surf it! It is CRAZY heavy , you need at least 5 men to carry it to the water, and paddling feels like you aren’t moving at all! But the trick is to have your feet dangling of the end so you don’t nose dive! I didn’t actually stand on a wave but i had fun trying to! 🙂

The day ended with some whales and a smile 🙂

Big Smiles Pacha ☺







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