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    Christmas and New  Year Update

Ah Christmas! A time of appreciation and love, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones! The year went so fast – and now we’re already well into 2016…how is that even possible??!!! On the 18th of December, a group of 3 French boys and their chaperone arrived in Brisbane to stay and surf on the Gold Coast as an exchange between Lou Surfou (a surfriders club in Hossegor, France) and Snapper Rocks. 3 families were gracious enough to take care of the boys while here in aus, including the Boyles, Tandlers and Lights! This was all organised by Todd Lee and snapper rocks boardriders and it was an amazing experience! We took care of Maixent Dudezent, who shreds and by amazing coincidence is a neighbour to Michaela – who I know from 3 years ago when we visited Hossegor and stayed in her house! A small world! So basically in the next July holidays, one child from each family who hosted, can go and stay with them in France! What a crazy opportunity! Since we’ll be in Japan in July – I’ll have to postpone my visit…but I’ll definitely get back to Hossegor! We had so much fun with Maixent and Yani looked up to him as a big brother. He was also very funny – with a dry sense of humour. I was a bit busy with my new job as a Christmas casual retail assistant (I’m starting to put money away for more competitions!), but we still got to do fun stuff together and, of course, surf! We surfed Snapper, D’bah, Currumbin, Palm Beach, Burleigh, Broken Head and Lennox Head, But I don’t think he enjoyed being rolled around on the rocks at Lennox and snapper, we said it was just the rocks and waves “gave some kisses” 😂😂😂 Maixent also snapped the nose off one board and put a massive hole in his second one but rode them anyway (well – with the help of a bit of Puka Patch) 😂😂 Today was the time to say aurevoir…Thanks for the memories Maixent! So, now to get on with the rest of the year! In a few days I’ll be flying down to Sydney for the Ripcurl Grom Search national final after winning the 14 and under girls event on the Sunshine Coast – thanks to the generosity of Robbie Sherwell and Dylan Longbottom for getting me up there and looking after me! I’m super, super stoked for the national finals because it’s in North Narabeen and I’m staying with Laura Enever and her lovely Mum! It looks like another year full of surfing adventures ahead!

The ‘international’ tag team event – i surfed for France!

introducing Maixent to the ‘locals’ at Currumbin Sanctuary

Three surfers in Surfers.

Killen Waterfalls – magical!


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