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Comp time!

Tomorrow is a very, very important surf competition- bigger than any I’ve been in, probably with the highest standards I’ve ever been in. It’s a whole other level. There are kids from all over Australia, even from overseas – all gathered here to surf in Duranbah – just 10 mins drive from where we live. It’s the comp that if I do well in, I may get noticed. It’s the Billabong Occy Grom Comp 2014. So, I’m just a little, bittle bit nervous!

Actually, I’ve had a pretty good run in the last few weeks – coming second in the Byron Bay BK memorial (under 14s) and the south coast schools (under 16’s) and actually winning the under 16s girls in the last snapper rocks boardriders round.

When I enter any surf competitions, questions flash by in my head like: “Can I win?” , “What are the others like to compete against?”, “Are the surf conditions right for my style?”

But I have to just take a deep breath and calm down.

I don’t really have too much pressure- like if I don’t do well, I won’t make it on the world surfing tour – but I do want to surf to the absolute highest of my ability. My butterflies are starting to flutter – but maybe that’s a good thing.

And I had so much fun today – even though it’s ‘ the day before’ (ominous!). I surfed and hung out at the beach with my friends. We lay on a random persons car to warm up and he growled at us, we paddled across the tweed river to surf on the other side and saw a shark out in the water, we lay in the middle of the path to warm up😂 and we jumped off the big pier to get to the best surf. Today was a good distraction to what is happening tomorrow, which is just as it should be.

Tomorrow may be the first important comp I have ever done, but I think it will be fine!






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