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Evans Head Malibu Classic Longboard Comp

Evans Head- a beautiful coastal town that has wonderful point breaks and beach breaks , so why not have a longboard competition for a couple of days? With blue skies and clear water, it is hard not to be streaming along the waves.

So on the 5th of October , I entered the U16 division and loved it! I was pretty proud of myself because I hadn’t really surfed on a longboard since this exact event a year ago. But it was still amazing.

One wave that stood out was the next day in the final, my best friend snaked my wave! But instead of pushing her off, I gave her a big hug 🙂 (I hope we got extra points!) In the end I got 4th! I was so stoked! And I can’t wait until next year!!

If you want to be apart of this then jump on the website! :

Big Smiles Pacha ☺






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