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Event 1 of the QLD State Junior Titles- Sunshine Coast

Here’s a little photo blog from the comp at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast🌊💐⚡️🌿🌈

Fun times at the QLD State Titles! This shot was from a couple of days before we left⚡️🌊

We drove from the Gold Coast and slept in our trusty van named Bruce ⚡️😄🌿

This is all my friends from the Sunny Coast✌🏽️We were all watching the U18 boys from a nice view! 😂⚡️🌊💐

We were the first people out at Coolum Beach so mum decided to take a snap 👍🏽😄 Coolum is beautiful!

This was our semi final😱💜 Sasha Baker and Piper Harrison surf so well! Unfortunately only 2 got through 😓

This was during the final and though I didn’t surf as well as I knew I could, I got 3rd 😊⚡️🌊

This was everyone in the final! These girls shred!

Left to right : Amber Dods, Piper Harrison, me and Anna Toohey❤️

I met some adorable dogs😍

Piper and I made some bracelets!💝🌈⚡️

I was so happy for Shaye! She got 2nd overall in the U14 girls but won her first heat ❤️ and congrats Jay for placing 4th in the U14 boys 🌊 And it was good to see you Laticia 😘


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