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Hummingbird Wings; New Flight

With waves of doubt and such certainty, it is time to open my heart and listen to these pulls... drawing me in to the unknown.

I've decided to leave my current home on the east coast of Australia to travel for a year through Europe and Ecuador. In search of myself by retracing the essence of who came before to continue to move forwards. A curiosity of different cultures and ways of life- pushing the comfort zone and connecting through the ocean. I'm travelling through train systems to lower my impact and learning more about local campaigns and impacts through these adventures.

My family and my culture, forgotten and undiscovered in my own life, is waiting for me and I am beyond excited. I have never learnt how to speak Spanish or unravel in my late father's life and history of his ancestors. With a season of waves approaching, I'll be able to absorb and understand these big big moments with the teaching of the sea.

Here's to answering the calls, meeting new friends and connecting through nature. Let's fly.


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