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Learning the ropes

Surfing is always a learning curve for me.

Pushing the boundaries of what I can do physically and mentally – there are so many aspects in surfing to consider!

Yesterday I stopped in at Shapers in Currumbin and got the best advice about fins from Jake. I didn’t know how important the right size and shape of fin can be to fine tune your surfing, especially on different kinds of waves for different kinds of manoeuvres. It was so interesting talking with him about when to use this fin and where to use that fin.

Same as the boards – Patchy at Duranbah surfboards has been amazing in his support and explanations about the length, weight and width or every board and I’ve been able to try them in all different kinds of conditions. Especially nailing my favourite colour tint into my boards.

At the Edge Gym Currumbin, Tara devises exercise routines that focus on core and muscle strength and balance. This all helps to put more power into my surfing. I go home and ‘roll’ my back and muscles, especially after surfing to loosen everything up again.

The great support I have been getting lately includes the excellent guidance of Jeffy at advanced surf coaching. Starting with the right exercises to warm up before a surf, he’s always able to explain exactly why I can try shifting my movements or balance just a little bit to improve a manoeuvre. Being able to look back at a wave and have it explained clearly to you makes the next try that much clearer…

Another amazing supporter is the guys from Billabong, constantly helping me out with advise, products and publicity. Today we went in to grab a surf capsule for the Oz Grom Comp coming up.

I have only been seriously surfing for a year and I am blessed to have this guidance to help shape my surfing knowledge and ability.


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