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Never Give Up

If you could either spend the school holidays with all your friends or renovate a house 16 hours drive away, which would you choose? I ended up renovating a house. Hahaha.

During the Easter holiday, my family and I drove up to North Queensland to renovate our old house in Ayr. We were renting it out and found out that it was trashed. I grew up in that house and my first tooth is still lost somewhere in the master bedroom 😂.

When we arrived, we were disgusted. Holes in the walls, infested with fleas (at one point, the people had 6 dogs), the kitchen had a leak and the wood around it was rotten, dirty paw prints lined the basement, the basement was COVERED in dog poo, the lawn was horrible, our fruit trees were poisoned and the list goes on.

Luckily, Mum hired the best person for the job… Me! Hahaha! Nah I did work very hard those 3 weeks and so did my mother. Just like the guy in karate kid – I worked my arm muscles painting – stroke up, stroke down…for hours…Yani didn’t really know what to do most of the time, so we sent him to the skatepark.

We also were there when cyclone Ita was about. Boy, that was pretty freaky!

By the end of it, the house looked pretty again and we can hopefully find someone who loves it to buy it! The reason I went was because Mum said she would pay me for my help and I was saving for a new winter wetsuit – I definitely reached that goal 😊.

When we got back, I immediately started looking for a wetsuit. One afternoon my Mum gave me strange looks of disappointment and said we needed a serious talk downstairs with my grandma. I nervously walked down, turned the corner and saw her smiling (yes, our family is full of tricksters!) – she said that someone from Billabong had called and they would like to support me!

I thought my mum was joking until she said that we had to go to a Billabong shop in Burleigh to meet the marketing manager and the team manager! I was jumping up and down! I still can’t believe it! Everyone were so friendly! I got to have a tour of the place and later talked with the team manager – I was so stoked to find out that I could get a wildcard entry to ‘The Occy Grom Comp’ and…. A NEW WETSUIT!!! I was frothing! I worked so hard to buy one and now I can keep that money for traveling! It was crazy, they let me pick out a wetsuit and some things from the shop! I just couldn’t stop saying thank you. Basically never give up your dreams, because if you work hard enough, you will get there.

Check out this video for the before and after photos

Rad Vibes Pacha 😎.




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