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Paddle for Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve 

Big News!!!!

This is the press release for our big paddle and you can watch the 9 News broadcast here :9 News- Pacha and Kiani

Top Gold Coast junior girl surfers from Palm Beach High School Sport Excellence and Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club members Kiani Dobbyn (15) and Pacha Light (14), are taking on a personal challenge to raise awareness about the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve proposal by leading a paddle attempt from Snapper Rocks to Currumbin Alley on International surfing day on 20 June this Saturday.

According to Pacha Light who championed the idea with Kiani explained,

‘We love surfing and we love these world class breaks. We want to get to know them even better, inspire others to know and love them – and work together to protect them for future generations’. ‘We came up with the idea one morning after catching a long wave on the world famous super bank from Snapper to Kirra. We looked down the coastline toward Surfers Paradise and wondered if any Grom had ever paddled from Snapper Rocks to Currumbin Alley. We do a lot of paddle training in the PBC school surfing excellence program and wondered if we would be up to it.’

‘Then we thought about how special and unique this place is – all those breaks forming millions of years ago when Mt Warning erupted and now creating such perfect conditions for the most enjoyable sport on the planet (in our opinion!).

Pacha has been fortunate to travel to many other surf breaks around the world – from Bali, to Ecuador, Japan and Europe, and appreciate that the Gold Coast surf is one in a million! We know how lucky we are to live here – it’s a purely magical coastline that we want to see protected from future detrimental developments like ocean terminals or marinas.

‘As surfers we feel connected to the beautiful nature around us – the dolphins, turtles, whales and sharks and we are in awe of the ever changing beauty of the ocean itself. We want to get to know our backyard even better and invite other young surfers to join in – after all, we are the ones who will need to look after this place for the future.’

The girls have extended a special invitation to Mayor Tom Tate to come along and paddle with them and offering to not only lend him a surfboard but can give him some pointers in catching a wave! They encourage Mayor Tate (and other councillors) in helping to make the world surfing reserve dream a reality and to help the Gold Coast show the world it is a place that values and will always try to protect its world class breaks.’

Pacha’s paddle will launch off at 7am on 20th June from Rainbow Bay. It’s not a race and they’ll be taking it slow with stop for refresher breaks (and fun surfs) along the way at Kirra, Bilinga and Tugun while hugging the bank.

Their destination will be to link up with the Surfrider Foundation Eco-challenge wooden Alaia board expression session from midday at Laceys at Tarrabora (Pirate Park) to raise ocean awareness and gather as much support as they can for the Gold Coast world surfing reserve. Surfrider has a range of activities including dune planting, beach care and the Sand War movie to play in the Dune Café.

Well done Pacha, Kiani and their paddling crew for a worthy and healthy cause on International Surf Day inspirational stuff from the next surfing generation.


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