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Pushing past your comfort zone…

If you would have told me that I would drop in at the skatepark, I would have laughed and said “Nah, I don’t really skate”.

I realised how much skating improves your surfing and so I started to cruise and do surfing motions.

But one day I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just drop in without being too scared to look over the coping. I asked Yani if he could help me and he immediately said yes. I tried to go down and hold his hand but I put too much weight back- this part scares me. I think I might lean back and smash my head. (I forgot my helmet and I was extra nervous) but I needed to relax! “Just lean forward and slam down the front foot” Yani helped me. I remember how Naz Norris drops in and it gave me some more confidence… Let’s do it!!


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