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Quicksilver and Roxy Pro

1/3/14-12/3/14 How amazing? A professional surf comp right in my backyard! I loved watching the event being set up at Snapper Rocks and surfing with all the pros. Free vegemite toast and water – a great place to hang watching the best female and male surfers from all around the world!

My birthday was on as well so I got to hang out with my friends, surf and jump off ‘Kungi Island’. I got to hang out with Laura as well! I am almost as tall as her now hahaha! This year’s set up was a lot different from last year, with a massive Chia Chill-out zone where we could get photos and watch the comp from inside a air conditioned hang out.

My favorite heat was between Lakey Peterson and Dimity Stole; the girls got barrelled off their heads! I was proud of Snapper girl and 5 times world champ Stephanie Gilmore for winning the Roxy Pro! She hasn’t won a final for months so I bet she is stoked!

A lot of talk is going around that Joel Parko was underscored and that Gabriel Medina shouldn’t have won, but in my opinion, Medina was underscored in the Quarters and so in the final, they evened it up a little. Joel was so close! A 0.06 away from being crown champ of Snapper Rocks! But how exciting that Medina was the first Brazilian to win this comp!

To conclude, this Quicksilver and Roxy Pro was fantastic. Bigger and bigger set up every year. More amazing surfers doing what they do best! …Can’t wait until I see you again next year!










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