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Snapper Rocks Club Round

On Sunday 2nd of February, we went down to Snapper for the first club round of the year. Because we live just down the road, we joined Snapper Board Riders Club and had the best time!

I am in the U16 division and Yani is in the U12. I love being in the comp because all my friends are in it and when we are in a heat, you can snake anyone- if you have that Snapper rashy, you have the priority! It is sooo much fun!

I surprised myself when I made it to the finals coming 2nd in my heat, and later coming 2nd overall! What a start to the year!

I love the vibe there! I love hanging out with my friends and beating the heat by absolutely COVERING ourselves with zinc and sunscreen. Haha I had the best time and I bet nobody could leave with a smile bigger than mine.





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