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The calm before the storm

We’re about to plunge into 5 weekends of surfing competitions – from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney to Jan Juc (Victoria) – and I feel like I need to take a huge, deep breath! Now we’re into the last minute preparations; We’ve picked up two new, beautiful competition boards from Duranbah surfboards, we’ve been to shapers fins who have once again set us up with grips, leggies and fins, Billabong have supplied gorgeous new bikinis and wetsuits, I’ve done my gym workouts, gotten ahead with my school work and Mum’s fixed the van – we’re ready to roll! Its pretty intense traveling so much. But I know I can rely on my family and they can keep me from being frazzled and stressed … It’s so hard to keep everything balanced – to keep in mind that winning isn’t everything and the experience itself, living in the moment and being true to yourself is the most important. One of the best things I’ve heard lately is when Jeremy Flores was being interviewed right after winning his final at Teahupoo. He said something about being out there and looking around at such a beautiful place and thinking that he was already winning, just by being lucky enough to be alive, doing such a wonderful sport and being in such a beautiful place..That’s how I want to feel, even in the middle of the stress and pressure of competition – lucky enough to be healthy, happy and doing what I love! So, I surf! I truly am the luckiest girl in the world, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my family and supporters… This is going to be huge but it will also be an great experience.


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