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These are a few of my favourite things…

My surf (survival) tool kit:

These are 5 surfing essentials we carry with us everywhere (in a lunch box!)!

1) Wax

I use stomp wax supplied by the wonderful people at watershack. I love how it’s produced locally, supports the community and keeps you on board! Putting wax on is a bit of an art – and can almost be like a surf meditation.

2) Puka patch.

Surfing at crowded peaks like snapper means it’s just a matter of time before you get a ‘ding’. This super strong tape seals up the hole and lets you get straight back out there – until you can get it properly repaired. We’ve had this on a ding on Yani’s board for over a year and it’s still water proof. Supplied by watershack.

3) Jimmy

‘Where’s my Jimmy?!’ That’s what you hear at my place in winter when you want to get your wetsuit on fast! Better than a plastic bag, the sail cloth material lasts forever and let’s your wetsuit slip on super quick (and Mum loves it because it folds up like neat origami!). Supplied by watershack.

4) Fin key

For swapping your fins around. Supplied by shapers.

5) Wax comb

Sometimes you just have to straighten out your crazy wax job, or take wax off and start again. Sure, you could probably just use a credit card – but these are more stylish! Supplied by shapers.


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