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Tough Luck – state comp round 1

Mum says you learn more from your failures than your successes…but that doesn’t make me feel much better…

It’s the first time I haven’t made it through my first heat – and yet people said it was the best they’d seen me surf in competition!

It was the first round of the state surf competition and I had the tough luck of having the two best surfers drawn as opponents in my first heat. I knew it would be tough and maybe impossible – but I’ve been working so hard over the past month preparing and training…

It was a local break and I think I surfed smart, surfed focussed, I took big waves, did lots of turns and finished most of them off… It was 5 seconds to go and I took off as the buzzer went off – I needed a 5 point ride, but it just wasn’t enough and I didn’t make it through.

The girls I was up against ended up coming first and second in the competition overall – which took a tiny bit of the sting out of not making it…but still, ouch – it hurts!

So, it’s back to the ocean I go, training, practicing, enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the water – I want to change the disapointment from my loss, into focus to be ready for round two in a months time…






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