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Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Thanks so much to the Courier Mail and writer Greg Stolz and photographer Adam Head for an awesome article today!

I haven’t been busking very much lately, i wish i could! – but most of my focus has been on training and improving my surfing and getting all my schoolwork done!

I love music and I love performing and busking has been an amazing boost not only in raising money to follow my dreams, but in building the confidence to step outside my comfort zones and ‘seize the day’!

Busking is a bit of a family tradition – my Mum used to busk and always took a guitar around the world on her environmental campaigns, and my younger brother Yani is a regular outside the local supermarket with his cousin and assorted friends.

We always travel with a ukulele and I will definitely be bringing one along on this trip, but there’s more to busking than earning money and is why I’d love to encourage everyone to get out and give it a go sometime!

Firstly, it can be as scary or even more as doing a first skate ramp drop in, or taking off on a massive wave – it takes guts to get in front of people and perform, but once you get through those first nerves, you learn so much about yourself and connecting with other people.

The first time I busked at the Burleigh recycle markets, dancing to raise money to do a creative arts camp at the age of 9, I couldn’t believe how happy it made people – so many smiles and so much encouragement! These were the days I used to spend hours and hours dancing and I thought, I might as well do it in front of an audience!

When we travelled overseas for a year to visit my family around the world, Mum said busking was a way we could share something with the people around us – including family members! I got the ukulele out in Bali, went wild in the streets of my fathers hometown in Ecuador and even got my distant cousin to join in a dance outside the Koln towers!

Like surfing, busking can make you feel connected with others – even though sometimes it’s just hard work! It’s something (like surfing) where you can’t really control the outcome, but you do it because you love what you do and want to share it!

Follow your dreams. And have fun.

The journey is as important as the destination!

And here she is busking in Florence (3 years ago)


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