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Hossegor France 2013 Part 2

You know how every one is saying stranger danger and stuff, I have found an amazing friend by Internet! When I met her by Instagram, then talked to her by Facetime, I knew she was awesome.

After I found out I would be in Hossegor, (where she lived) I just had to meet her. So we arranged to meet up at the live concert. It was really awesome to meet her! The best thing was when my parent and her parents made really good friends! When we met, we knew we would be friends for life.

The next day we went straight down to the contest and realised it was postponed due to lack of surf, but we told Laura that we would be there so we stayed until Michaela got there so we could hang out at the beach. It was a lovely day but no surf so we just played in the freezing cold ocean. After that we went to her house and had an awesome time. She has a wonderful house and wonderful hospitality. We were blessed to stay with them one night. In the afternoon we went window-shopping in the surf street and went around to Billabong and Volcom and asked for stickers and free posters. As we ate our ice cream overlooking the lake, Michaela told stories about paddling out in the lake on a hot summers day.

When we got home, we went to ‘Bare Bum Beach’ for a surf. ‘Bare Bum Beach’ is a nude beach, but if you go there, you don’t have to be nude. Anyway we had a fun surf then an amazing sunset over looking Hossegor Bay.

We were still in our swimmers when we got home so we jumped in her warm pool before having the loveliest dinner by her Mum.

The next day, we left to head back to Paris. It was sad saying goodbye, but I know that we will meet again one day. xox


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