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Busy Busy Busy

We have been very busy in the last couple of weeks . Right at this moment i am on to train from Florence to Milan so we can catch a plane to Paris . But i will start from leaving beautiful Germany . We woke up early so Manfred can drive us to the airport . We said goodbye to Michael, Astrid, Paula and Karla and then we were off, flying down the highway . When we arrived, we went straight to the duty free shop and put on lots of perfumes. From my experience i love ‘ Pure Poison’ by Dior and Marc Jacobs ‘ Dot’ .

Ahaha anyway we boarded our plane to Rome , Italy and stayed in the city for 2 or 3 days, sightseeing . There are alot of beautiful places in Rome. If you are interested in Rome , check out my photography page on Instagram : @pachita_photography . My favourite place would have to b the Trevi fountain . It was just so beautiful!

But before we knew it we were on the train to Florence , Italy to stay with our good friends . Florence is also amazing!!! It was so much fun going for walks and getting really good gelato ( ice-cream) . Our friends are so nice, so kind! It was so much fun! and i can’t wait to see them in Australia !

So that is all really that has happened after Germany. I know this is really only a surfing blog but … There in no surf until we go to the Quicksilver Pro in France. I can meet Laura Enever again! I have never seen a pro comp other than on the Gold Coast .

But that’s next weekend 🙂

Now we are staying in adventure park run by our friends 🙂 ( ) so we get to do amazing stuff like go in their 25m pool and climb a tree with a harness and go for bike rides…. It is so awesome!! Also mum is in charge because their parents are doing a TV show … Like a competition for who has the most beautiful house! So mum is the ‘opear’ looking after the children .

Yesterday Yani and I went on the black corse and well… We are NOT doing that again!! We never fell but…it was really scary!!

Sorry for not putting up any photos…. I will soon !

Big Smiles Pacha ☺

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