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Gromp Comp

Grom Comp

Today we woke up at 6 am to head down to the Ripcurl Grome Search Indonesia. We got there and saw a lot of gromes!! We were so exited to see kids that surf and are our age! And I saw Julieka again :D. Also a lot of the kids were really short!but i guess that makes it easyer to surf.  So we went and put our surfboard down and saw a surfboard next to us that was sooo short!! It was a 4’2 !! And the boy riding it was 10!! Wow we saw some kids who look serious about this comp!! So we went and had breakfast and Yani said he was going to spy on some cool surfer boys… And I went up to them and said ‘ My brother is spying on you because he thinks that you are too cool to talk to! ‘ hahahaha! We played tag for a bit then we asked the organisers if it was on… It was CANCLED?!? noooooo!!!  😦  😥 but at lest there was the next day… So we said good bye to the two boys.


The next day we left again bright an early to head down to the comp… It was postponed for the following Sunday… So we went to get a late breakie and we saw one of the boys  from the other day! His name is Loki (Locky) and we asked his dad where they might surf later on, so mum and steve exchanged emails and he said he would let us know… So we went our separate ways and at 11 o’ clock he said that he would go to Padma so Mario called a taxi and we waited… And waited … And waited… So the taxi never came and Mario dropped us of at a taxi in town.  So off we went to Legian and met him there… It was really choppy but okay 🙂 I went out with loki’s brother brad and his friend.. They were really good!! I wasn’t that good – I just needed to get to know the wave before I could have fun… Then they went in and Yani came out with Loki and we had soo much fun!! I stayed out there the whole time so by the end I was fully WACKED!! :O hahaha and yeah now we have this week until going back to Australia 🙂


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