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Hossegor , France 2013 Part 1

 So Today was the big day!  At 3am we took off to Hossegor, France!  We left with Noè and Adelie . Mum was driving all the 9 hours for Yani and I so we can see the Quicksilver Pro France .   In no time we were we watching the sunrise by the car window , it was so beautiful ! But as quick as a jet , we were at Hossegor ! We were a bit confused  because we didn’t see the  pro on , but when we got wifi , we saw that it was on LIVE!! We were freaking out until we saw that it was on another beach. But we just got there and Mum was really tired… So we went to were our camping place was and Mum went to bed and we went to the pool… It was so much fun! The pool was 1.60m deep!  After that we went and watched the sun set at the beach. It was picture perfect! The sun made an amazing effect on the perfect waves . A green/ yellow wave….And a  BEAUTIFUL sunset!! but… Mum didn’t bring her camera 😦   The next day we knew where the contest was so we got there! It was sooo awesome to see Gabriel Madina free surfing!! We also kept an eye out for Laura! So when we went for a walk we saw Felip Telodo! And we got his autograph ! I also saw Alana Blanchard out in the surf but we wanted to watch the heats instead … First we watched Matt Wilko’s and John John Florence’s Heat… I love Matt’s wetsuits!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!  We also watched Gabriel ‘s heat … I was speechless … I hope he wins!! VIVA BRAZIL!!   After that I nervously made my way to the VIP tent and saw Kanoa Igarashi!! ( Amazing grom surfer )  So I asked for his autograph also. ☺  Then after watching a couple more heats i went to get some water then when I came back , all Noe said was ‘ Finally!’ I got angry and walked off.. I am NOT his slave!! Ahhh but I want to thank him because in that moment… I SAW LAURA ENEVER!! She was with Chris and Lisa Anderson ! I gave them all a big hug! Then I had to go for lunch and she said after her surf i could have a go on her board!! 😱😱 it was so amazing!! We scheduled a surf together the next day 😊.     

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