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I was a Wild Card at Snapper!


Last weekend I was  at the Gold Coast and happened to see my friend (and awesome surfer) Alyssa Lock at Snapper Rocks. She was there for the Snapper Board Riders Club. She called me over and said: ” Do you want to join this fun heat as a wild card?’. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the whole boardriders in case I went badly, so I hesitated, but finally agreed. I was the youngest one there in the under 14s…I put on the blue rashy and headed out into the water. I felt so nervous. I thought I surfed pretty well getting into a bit of a barrel – but the other girls were amazing.  It was inspiring to see them and to be surfing in that famous surf break. Alyssa was catching the great waves from right in the corner…It was a great experience and I hope I get to do it again!

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