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In The Middle Of June We Met Jun! Surfing in Canoa

In The Middle Of June We Met Jun! Surfing in Canoa

In the middle of June we left to go to Canoa , Ecuador , South America and find a wave… the only thing was that we didn’t have a surfboard , so we were in search for a surfboard as well. As we were leaving after lunch we found a place that taught surfing and they suggested going to a place that had a Internet cafe and surfboard from all sizes, from 5’8 to 7’0 hahaha so we met the guy who owns the place and turns out he was Japanese and was taught english as a child so we went for a really awesome surf with him and he is really really good! He didn’t even charge us a cent! Also we went to the skatepark with him and had so much fun! Then we found out he had a 2 week old little girl , she was so so so cute! after that we went for another surf and made contact. It was so so so much fun!




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