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Kuantan And Cherating :)

Then when we went to Kuantan beach and found that there was another surf comp and saw Qadeja again!! And I asked where she lives and she said Cherating and we were going there the next day!!After that we went and watched the Hobit!! and had a beautiful dinner 🙂

The next day we went to Cherating and  tried to find her cafe and we went to the hotel they said to go to and we found out that Qadeja booked us in already!! So after that we went to her cafe and finally found her!!! Then we sorted it out the after a bit ( when the sun is a bit lower ) we could go surfing!!! 😀 I used a 5’7 and Yani used a 6’0 and we had a lot of fun!! But there were some learners that hadn’t been taught what to do and not to do … They all dropped in on us

but other wise it was nice left waves 🙂 probably my shoulder height or something. When got back if was like dusk and we had ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo MUCH FUN!!! Yani ran up to people walking out front the cafe and did funny things behind there back!!!! Haahahhahahahhahab and the people up stairs were listening to Michael Jackson’s Black or white so we just started to Dance and sing the words out fount 🙂 and I found a frog and creeped people out with then 🙂 ahahhahahaha


(below) Cherating Surf 😀

(below2) Kuantan surf 😛

(below3) that awesome dinner 🙂

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