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Lembongan Island Part 1

We woke up really early to catch the 8 am slow boat to lembongan… Let’s just say.. It was slow

and we met some travelers named Chris and Jackie 🙂 and we had alot of things in common  and turned out we were staying in the same homestay! 🙂 well…when we got there two men were asking us where we were staying and we hadn’t known yet so they took us in there motorbikes to a place…Mum was talking to Chris and Jackie while we were going on the bikes…i was scared that they would kidnap us. so i started shouting at mum to hurry up hahaha and on the way Yani said ” Stop Squeezing me!” but it was quite fun! so we got to the first plce but it didn’t have wifi so we had to look around for another place…Wahyu Homestay!! it was only $15 per night in an air conditioned room!! so after checking in we ran down to the beach and it looked awesome from the shore ( but it was 150m away so mmm ) any way i paddled out and then i realised how big it was!! it was like Fiji lefts!! but right!!! so i paddled to a boat and waited untill i had some more energy but once i was there we then found out that at low tide it would but unsurfable because people grow seeweed and at low tide some of the spikes spike up and you could crash into them!  also the name of the wave is sort of why there is spikes and bits of of metal poking about… Shipwrecks!!and the homestay we were staying at had a pool!! yay! so we went into the pool after the surf and stayed until night time…a bit later Mum rented a motorbike to go check out the island and the other island (chinagan) it was pretty freaky when we went their on the scooter. The bridge was sooo small to Chinagan.. Cars could defiantly not get across :O but we first went to blue lagoon – it looked sooo blue!! And soo pretty!! 😀 it costed 5 thousand ( 50 cents ) to actually see it then 50 thousand to jump as many times as you like- we haven’t jumped yet… The highest is 13m !!! But it was just sooo pretty!! 😀 then we went to a surfing place were you could jump aswell! Yani and I went for a surf because we thought it was really small. Then a massive wave comes!! So Yani got sooo freaked!!! So we went in… Then we watched for a bit and Yani walked back to mum and I swam back… Yani beat me 😦 then we tried to explain to mum that it was really big!! But she wanted to see for herself so I went out with her and I actually got a Really good wave!! 🙂 but then there was a set so mum realized it was big… She got dumped so bad that her leggy was around her neck!!! :O and I successfully duck dived all of them… But then I caught one and I realized how shallow it was… I paddled in after that

hahahahahha  then we took the motorbike ( with the surf boards ) around lembongan 🙂 it was sooo much fun!! But squishy


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