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Mompiche Adventures.

20th of July 2013

Today we woke up almost at the crack of dawn and took a boat to San Vicente . Then we left to Canoa and swapped fins with Jun . As we were chatting the bus was going around the corner , so we ran out the door and jumped on to the 2 hour bus to Chamanga. Because we bought some new music , for busking in Paris , so we were dancing in our seat most of the way hahaha.

We arrived at Chamanga and hoped on to another bus to Mompiche! it took another 2 hours but in the end , when we got off , it was worth it . We bolted to the beach and saw BARRELS for ants ha! Nah it wasn’t that big in the bay , but at the point it was really barreling so we went and got our swimmers on and ran out there.

Mompiche is usually long left barrels charging throughout the bay . If it is blue sky , it will be blue water , not green , blue! but we went there went it is off season so it was pretty small. But there was a lot of rocks as well… like it would be impossible to surf when the low tide peaks , so when i was just about to jump out i noticed there was sea urchins littering the rocks so i decided to paddle out instead haha.

I caught a couple of waves but i was freaked out by the rocks so i went in feeling like a chicken and let Yani have a go ( we only had one surfboard again ) he took a while so mum let me take some photos because of my new page on Instagram , pachita_photography , and we took some cool shots. As we were waiting we met a man named Figu , turns out that he shapes boards and his last name is Intriago! ( which is my dads last name) and he is the one of the only board shapers in the whole of Ecuador! We Went to the hostel and hung out in the chill out zone and there was a red cloth hanging from the roof i think its called a trapeze silk but i climbed to the top a few times but one time i got my ankle stuck and so i was hanging upside down screaming MUM! and once i got unstuck i did it again hahaha .

The next day we woke up early and saw that the tide had risen alot and if you wanted to get to the beach you’ll have to walk on the rocks… so yani paddled out with the surf board and i walked on the rocks but mum was smart and took the forest road… so i got stuck and couldn’t go all the way and yani couldn’t paddle because of the rocks so mum won and Yani and i walked around to the forest path. We heard mums voice and so we asked her where to go and all we hear was ‘ turn right when it starts to go down’ so we looked and right in front of us the path was starting to down so instead of ‘ go straight until the cemetery then turn right and go down’ we went straight down a cliff with surfboard, then Yani slipped and a leaf cutter ant bit me and so i started screaming and screaming and yani got bitten by the worker ants so he was screaming as well and then came mum running to see what happened . it was so scary that we left the surfboard down there so mum had to go and get it while we walked ( the right way ) to the beach . afterward we went for a surf and caught some good waves but the tide was so high that we soon left for lunch . then we just watched a movie and that was all really .

the next day we awake to find that our dad was in the bed next to us! he must of come when we were sleeping! When we all had breakfast we went in search to find a man that will guide us in the jungle to find howler monkeys . We set out with a man and walked into the jungle, which was a bit tiring , it was really fun though ! it was so lush! it was a bit like Malaysian jungle! We found a river and followed that while trying to catch crayfish for dinner Hahahaha 🙂 . Then as we were starting to go in to the forest , we heard them . Soon enough we found a group of howler monkeys and stared in awe . There was a baby one and a big dad and children dancing in the trees. After we left and were making our way along the river we saw that another group was right there along the river! and they were eating fruit so it was really funny when the dropped it and you had to get out of the way so it wouldn’t hit you hahahaha .

We left with smiles and went back to the hostel only to find that they surf was good! so we got changed and ran out there! Yani had first go and spent his 10 waves really slowly so when i jumped out i couldn’t catch many waves because it was getting much much smaller. then i went in , got Yani and played in the water. Then two guys came out (they were from Germany ) and tacked each other ( i guess they were brothers) Yani started to have fun with them then we all when in and made a MASSIVE sand castle , it was so much fun! They also juggled! and were really good at it too!

After we left in search of a coconut . we found some at our favourite place and visited a tame cow name Annabell . then we all went to the hostel and got changed. Then we left to go get fish from the boats ,now that was fun! the guys from Germany gave us piggy backs and ran along the beach! and as we were walking back , one of them put Yani one his back and did a HANDSTAND!!! hahahahha it was so much fun!! They also introduced a game that gave us laughing fits Yani and I did a little how to on Youtube (

This trip to Mompiche was so much fun and I hope we get to go again one day 🙂

Big Smiles Pacha ☺











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