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NEW SURFBOARD!!!!! XD yeewwww!!!

Once we got to Bali we have been searching ( in Kuta ) for a second hand short board…and with no luck so far, we peaked into a Billabong surf shop to see if they have any short ones…they have nothing to the size we wanted. But they told us a place to look! and the man there said to go to the Luke Studer factory! and that they should have some small ones 🙂 So off we went! but Yani was sick…( ear ache, stomach ache and vomiting ) so we had to wait until the next day to check it out. That night we had an emotional outburst 😦 (we miss Australia very much) But a new day is a new day! and so we went to the factory and mum spoke to the man himself: Luke Studer!!!So we ended up ordering a custom board ( 5’0 x 16 x 1/2 ), and with that we left to go to Sanur!!! Unfortunately the surfboard took 7 days to make and while we were waiting in Sanur the beach out the front had amazing barrels!! and the locals said it was the best surf they had in 3 years!!!! :O then one week later Mum and I went to the factory to pick it up…it was really fun because we got to choose the grip,leggy and fins 🙂 After one day of drying I went out for a sesh and had a lot of fun!! so good things come for those who wait  through awweessoommee wwaavveess waaaahhhhh!! wwwaaaaahh!!!!


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