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Once upon a time on a blue moon…

It’s been a massive weekend here in the Gold Coast with the Queensland Schools State Titles and my first photo shoot with handmade jewellery company Kamaka Shells.

The Queensland State Schools were placed over 4 long, hot days but it was a really good experience competing in the U16s girls and the MR Shield U19 girls. I didn’t surf until the second day but I enjoyed the wait with a reward, I had won my first heat. The next day I had to surf 3 heats all with 20 mins in between for me to re-prepare. For my semi- finals in the u16s, the surf was small but surf able so I was happy plus I had the right mind space to compete with lead me to win my semis. Now I had 20 mins to get ready for the U19girls MR. I paddled out with a fire in my belly and I surfed my hardest to win for my school but the other school unfortunately got some last waves and overtook our lead. It was okay for me because it was my first time in a team format. “Time to get ready for my final!” I say to myself as I get my rashie. Unfortunately by the time it was half way through I felt my exhaustion overtake my body and I struggled to catch another wave, luckily I had a secure score that kept me in 3rd. I hugged all the finalists and I was really happy to have made it to Nationals! Last year in got knocked in the quarterfinals so I’m really grateful to everyone that has assisted me in surfing how I surf today!

The next day, i had a wonderful shoot with Kamaka Shells Jewellery! It was my first proper shoot so it was an unforgettably fun experience. Mark, the photographer, takes pictures for City Beach so it was so cool getting his tips for modelling and photos. Mina Durbidge (17) and Brooke (24) joined me on the shoot with made me the youngest by 3 years and I kind of played the younger sister role which was fun because I had never had an older sis. We ate ice-cream and got some more photos, basically it was an awesome day!


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