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Penan Tribe 1 – Borneo

Penan tribe 1

We went to the Penan tribe and stayed with them for a night. When we got there we unloaded and had some hot Milo and biscuits then we asked Vincent to translate if all the kids want to play a game and so we played poison ball and had so much fun!!  Then at night we did some performances before going to prayers (Christian) and we sung halalula and i went  on the drums 🙂 we had a lot of fun 🙂 the next day we went on a walk into the forest to go hunting. We toke the dogs and blow pipes and we got a……….. Bat!! Yay!!

and we saw a green pit viper :0 it was soo pretty!! Them we came across a fruit tree and ate as much as we could!! It tasted like lemonade 😀 Hahahaha!!! It toke about 6 hours by car to get where we are now… Hahaha


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