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Penan Tribe 2- Borneo

The tribe i am talking about is a nomatic tribe in Borneo. they are known to be the one of the most shy and gentle tribes in the world only 250 pure Penans are in the 7 billion people on this earth. But their homes and hunting and gathering lands are being destroyed by loggers to make palm oil plantations… Loggers even kill the orangutans that stubble on to their palm trees…very sad but i got the privilege to vist two of these  tribes and had a very fun time doing so 🙂

Penan vist We met mums friend and went to stay with his family for 1 night then going for a 5 or 6 hour drive to the penan community  ( this one was a tribe mum stayed with 20 years ago :D)  and we had  much fun!! We went fishing and I got into durrian 😀 and they was a monkey ( long tailed makawk) that was nice then it attacked me 😦 hahahahaa and they was a place to swim with a island rock….alot of leaps 🙂 also me and robina swam back instead of going in the boat home 🙂 then we saw a fruit tree.. Hahhahahahshhahaha I guess you know    What happens when you find a fruit tree 🙂 and we saw wild pigs ( bobi) there eyes are sooo yellow :0 we originally wanted to stay for 2 nights but it ended up being 5 🙂 hehehe we had THE BEST TIME EVVAAA 🙂

16•12•12 – 21•12•12

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