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Ripcurl Pro!!

Ripcurl Pro ( Kuala Terangganu )

Today we walked all the way from the hostel to the beach :0 and when we got there we were fully frothing!! Ahhh the surf was soo good!! But we didn’t bring our boards

The day after that we walked there again and saw that they set up a skating ramp with cones so you had to doge them with a carver skateboard. I did every 2 cones and the older guys did none in-between!!! And Yani did half in-between 🙂 any way on one I stacked it and rolled off onto bamboo poles.. Everybody was laughing there heads off… It was really  embarrassing and it hurt as well 😦 and I met a girl called Qadeja! And she was my age as well! And she surfed !! We had so much fun!!  But the next day we had to fly to KL so I couldn’t compete for the girls competition the next day 😦 29-30• 11•12

(below) setting up the comp 🙂

(below2) having fun posing 😀

(below3) carving on the ramp 🙂


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