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Ripcurl Pro!!

Ripcurl Pro ( Kuala Terangganu )

Today we walked all the way from the hostel to the beach :0 and when we got there we were fully frothing!! Ahhh the surf was soo good!! But we didn’t bring our boards

so we had to borrow from the organizer ( for the Ripcurl Pro) because they were setting up for the  events that were on the next day 🙂 and out there in the surf was sooo much fun!!!

The day after that we walked there again and saw that they set up a skating ramp with cones so you had to doge them with a carver skateboard. I did every 2 cones and the older guys did none in-between!!! And Yani did half in-between 🙂 any way on one I stacked it and rolled off onto bamboo poles.. Everybody was laughing there heads off… It was really  embarrassing and it hurt as well 😦 and I met a girl called Qadeja! And she was my age as well! And she surfed !! We had so much fun!!  But the next day we had to fly to KL so I couldn’t compete for the girls competition the next day 😦 29-30• 11•12

(below) setting up the comp 🙂

(below2) having fun posing 😀

(below3) carving on the ramp 🙂

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