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Surfing in JAPAN!!

Surfing in Japan!! 

Today we woke up with a mosquito…that means this is a very warm part of japan…Itoshima!!! We ran down to the beach and saw some very small but surfable waves so we ran back and got changed in to your swimmers and because we didn’t have a wetsuit, we surfed in our swimmers so it hurt a lot haha. Also we only had one surfboard but that was okay 🙂  but once we got there i really regretted no wetsuit!! Yani had first go and we swapped every wave because it was so cold. haha I have to say i did get quite a few good ones saying we were riding like a mini mal which was really hard to turn. i think wave of the day was Yani’s head dip that you can watch here : ( )  ( but we are really excited to go to Miyazaki so we can surf bigger waves ( it is the only place in Japan that has good surf wave ) We also did a photo shoot for an anti nuke organisation so that is why the photos are so good hahahaha.


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