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AWESOME SURF! Today was another event but we were looking forward to go for a two day surf trip with Naoka and Takuya . It was really awesome because Naokas parents owned a sushi shop so we had the best dinner in the world! We started of with some nato sushi then some salmon and tuna sushi but don’t forget the roast tuna and miso soup! Wow it was amazing! By then i didn’t think i needed to eat ever again!! ahhahaha!

So that night we stayed in their apartment and woke up early to drive to the coast. i have to say that their car is really amazing!! you didn’t even need to open the door! It was automatic! Anyway when we got there we didn’t even put our stuff out of the car, we just looked at the surf out the front of the place we were staying but it wasn’t very good at all… so we went 30 minutes up the coast so find a surfable break. so when we found one we jumped in to our wetsuits and ran in to the cold cold sea. It was a little bit small but we caught a wave or two so it was good fun! but when i didn’t catch a wave for a while i got one and i could not feel my feet so i caught that wave all the way to shore , i had a little bit of a break then i tried to get back out there… as time went by it was really hard getting out there on a 5’4 fish surfboard! But once it got out Yani caught a wave in! So then he tried to get back out and he didn’t get there so i caught a wave in and swam with him a little. It was really really fun! … but… we had to get out of our wetsuits! and boy, was it hard! thank goodness Naoka and Takuya had warm water! aaahhhhhh that was nice!!

After that we went for some lunch ( Udon!! ) it was so nice to have something warm on that cold day! Did i mention it was raining?? and the WIND WAS SO CRAZY!! aahhhh but fun! hahahah then we went to Patagonia Surf Shop to ask for sponsoring ahhaha which was a crazy idea by mum hahah but it was quite random we were just like ‘ We want to be sponsored by Patagonia! ‘ but you know Yani and i didn’t really do that many surf comps so we didn’t really get you know sponsored but we got to borrow their shortest surfboard! a 5’2 which was a fish but a goooooddd one!  so then we went for a surf at a smaller place and that was really fun! then we went home to BED!

The next day we woke up and looked out the front of the apartment and it was absolutely awesome surf! gosh! it was awesome! it got smaller and smaller and smaller though 😦 but it still was so much fun! we bolted in to the ocean and had the funnest surf since Australia! hahahaahha We sang and yelled and acted all goofy and i swear it was warmer! but it was the most fun! aaaaahhhhhahahhhahaha we started screaming out yummy foods at one point hahaha o yeah we went in and had the biggest lunch and I cannot thank them enough! 

19.5.13 – 20.5.13


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