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The Last Day Of The Aussie Ocean

Three weeks ago, on our last day in Australia and we did what we always do… go for a 6am surf at our home break, this time we went with our really good friend Cannon. And wasn’t it fun!!! We went up and down the beach for 2 hours and it was awesome!! i saw some of Yani’s and Cannon’s waves and i reckon they would be on the tour soon!!! hahahaha then Cannon had to go.

 Then my brother and i  went and hung out with our cousins. WE HAD A PARTY!!! and not just any party…. a Doctor Who themed party with fish fingers and custard, a Tardis cake and some theme music!!! 😀 it was soo much fun!! we also made a video of another harlem shake hahaha so if you want to see it here it is ( )

After that we rode down to a beach side park and met Cannon and his family!! hahaah it was sooo much fun!! me and my cousin had a skipping competition and added up together we both jumped 140 times!!! my legs were like a rattle snake… they wouldn’t stop shaking!! 🙂  Yani and Cannon love to skate and both are pretty awesome at it!! but both are a bit competitive so it makes them better! a win-win situation!!  also my cousin used the skipping rope as a sling shot!!! it was really fun until my little cousin Griffin face planted 😦 we just love playing tag on the sand dunes and rolling off them!! ahahah we stayed untill it started to rain at like 6pm so we retreted to the cars and left the park…i am already missing these awesome times 🙂

But now we are in Japan and there are NO WAVES!!! :O so we are skating around Japan and it is really funny because when yani is skating in tokyo every one is watching and keep looking back at him ahahaha  and we fully frothing at any surf video and photo.

But at least we have a skateboard, and with all this practice i am getting good! but not as good as Yani haha

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