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The Last Iluka Boardriders

Today i didn’t want to wake up but since we had boardriders we had too. It was cold and raining but you have to put that aside if you want to go for a surf. This month it was at Main Beach ( as pictured ) a turny, washing machine like and it seems just about every time we go there it is over cast.   BUT once we went out for a quick surf before our heat we realised it was pretty good!! and after Billy, Chad, Ari, Yani and I went over the wall to a flat beach called ‘Dumpers’ and it is exactly like it’s name..a massive shore dump 🙂 Chad got hammered on one and he had shells and sad all though his hair… it was ssooooo much fun!!

It was fun being part of Iluka Boardriders but now it is soon time to see the world 😀

Main Beach Iluka

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