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The Long Long Journey

Well today is the big day, going to South America. We woke up and got straight to re packing. The flight was leaving at Midnight from Japan to KL then to Singapore waiting there for 12 hours then to Amsterdam , Netherlands and finally arriving in Quito, Ecuador, South America . We had a great day before we left, going to the petting zoo in Kichijoji and cuddling the guinea pigs – haha it was quite fun! .

At 7pm we had dinner with our friend Naoko and her twins, Suzuna and Yumi – it was so much fun! Then i had to go to the bathroom. When i came back i was astonished that we realised we had left the ipad at our friends house BUT our bus to the airport was already there! and we had tickets! so Mum decided to rush back to where we stayed to rescue the iPad – running to the train station to hopefully make it in time. We said goodbye and went to the airport on the bus WITHOUT HER! , it took one hour and a half to get there and our friend were there to meet us up but i was a little nervous on the way there so Yani and I listened to ‘ The Monkees’ and we were good!

When we got there we also had fun with our friends – eating green tea ice-cream , it was yummy! and making jokes hahha. Thank God Mum made it to the airport in time with the ipad! Soon we were in the departure lounge waving goodbye .

There are always so many airport duty free shops in big airports and we love whacking on some perfume hahaha. It was so much fun putting make up on Yani ahha then Yani posing hahahha and haahah all the staff there just stared and giggled…ahhhah anyway, soon we were on the plane and fell asleep almost instantly. We had to change planes in KL and to get to Singapore.

That airport is like a city!!! there is a 4 story slide and a massive super market and food court. In the transit lounge there is a cinema , Butterfly garden, roof top pool , hundreds of duty free shops, free foot massages , a bed in a dark room for people who need to sleep and lots lots more 🙂 it was really awesome and the time went quickly. Before we knew it our next plane was ready for boarding.

12 hours after arriving at Singapore we were leaving . So we were off! It was really awesome plane! plus really freaky because there was a thunderstorm below us… it was so so beautiful! like a flash there and a flash here. hahaha mum and Yani wouldn’t wake up to see it ( it was a night flight ) so i just watched on in awe .

After 12 hours of watching movies and listening to music we got to Amsterdam, Netherlands . It was pretty cool seeing Europeans because we just had 2 months in Japan! So we looked around a little and ate some sample cheese ahha and waited at the departure lounge and then we were off to Quito, Ecuador! it was the same plane as the one we just took, so we went straight on to watching movies. I also knitted a horse which i recommend to everyone on long flights. Food! oh the Food!! my brother and i never really go on flights where they give you food for free (Mum always gets the discount flights around Asia)… it was so awesome getting free food! hahaha . It’s been 5 years since we have been to Ecuador so we didn’t remember how awesome long flights were.

FINALLY! we touched down at Quito and went through immigration and collected our luggage . As we were doing so ( which took a long time ) a man was waving his hands whenever we looked outside, so Yani asked, ” Mum, who is that man waving his hands? ” . ” I think that’s your father, Yani .”

And it was! as we were leaving the airport we saw him! and we gave him a VERY VERY big hug ❤❤ and he didn’t change a bit since we last saw him . ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ so we left the airport with our friend and Papa had to go back to Bahia .

JETLAG IS SOSOSOSO HORRIBLE! After we got to a hotel in Otavalo , we were so exhausted from flying for 2 days , so i went straight to bed but mum told me not to and to come and have some dinner, of course i had to go with them. That night we all woke up at 3 am and watched the sun come up and at the same time watching Nicki Minaj on MTV haha . It was quite a sight seeing a mountain as we went to breakfast , the mountain even had snow on it! Even though we were on the equator it was really cold because we were like 2, 800 m above sea level but i didn’t feel it much unless i ran or Yani punched me in the stomach .

29/5/13 – 2/6/13

Sorry for updating this so late hahaha I have been doing A LOT since my last full entry. Next time I promise I’ll write about surfing in Ecuador – awesome! 🙊

Big Smiles Pacha 😊






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