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The Race

Today was the big day , i was going to run 5km race competing with people great and small. i was so nervous lining up with my cousin , my butterflies had butterflies and those butterflies had some butterflies . So out of no were they shout GO! so we took off , charging down the track , which was half way across the bridge and all down the coast, i had a good start ,feeling very comfortable and it felt good when your family are shouting for you .

As i was half way every one gave me water to throw on me but to tell you the truth it didn’t feel good, the shirt i had to wear became sticky and uncomfortable and one time i took it and started to drink it… which you weren’t supposed to do hahaha . but one thing that disgusted me was the amount of rubbish laying around, because of the sponsors they gave a lot of free things and people did not clean up after them selves, which did no amuse me 😦

But anyway i was so close to the finish line but i noticed that i could not see any girls behind me, so for a second i thought i came last but that changed really quickly , so as i cross the finish line my Uncle , Jose , came out of no were and helped me to the place were you put the chip ( people who competed had to pay $10 and they were given a chip to time the run and a t-shirt ) so after that i got my pack ( for competing ) and when home to get changed..( i got really wet )

After i went back to the presentation , mum told me that i was the third girl the she saw cross the line , so i felt pretty good, also when we got back there yani told me that they called out my name . So after a while they started the presentation and did the girls first, i came 2nd! It felt so good! Ahhah it was quite a big trophy and it was my biggest yet! But the funny thing was that the trophy said that I was second place in the masters race…. I was in the junior category ! So after that , the girl that came 3rd and I got our trophy s changed HAHAHAH it was so funny!

Also when they did the boys presentation , like 5 girls that worked for Tia , dressed up really fancy with 6 inch heels , towered over the little boys in the junior category and wouldn’t let the boys have a picture with just them! Instead there was 5 really tall girls posing and 3 little boys just a bit freaked out .

It was so fun! After I got a photo with the girl that came 3rd , we went home and I basically collapsed ! But I didn’t take my trophy into the bedroom, oh no , I showed it of to my family hahah and that night I had a chocolate to celebrate 🙂

But the horrible thing was that all the big companies were sponsoring the event so there was a lot of rubbish , Gatorade glasses were smashed on the ground and little plastic cups were scattered around the course, but maybe they paid someone to pick it up or something because I didn’t see it the next day.

But otherwise it was a blast! 😆👌




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