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A Road Trip in Canada

British Colombia, Canada.

The amazing locations, the different variations of snow and ice and all the wildlife with it. I love the ocean so it was quite incredible to be constantly surrounded by another form of H2O. I fell in love with the way you could just watch the snow fall for hours and not get bored. How every snowflake was not like the other. As we come around the next bend, we see Deer, Elks and mountain goats. We got to be in the presence of beautiful wolf dogs- something beyond my imagination.  And apart from the freezing hands and toes- nothing beats a hot chocolate after a day in the snow.

So many adventures and experiences that were once in a lifetime- thank you Canada, forever has a place in my heart.

Watch below of our times in BC, behind the scenes of our shoots with Billabong and Geckos Adventures. Keep posted!


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