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Airoplane to Amsterdamn

Airoplane to Amsterdamn

Tuesday, 27th , August 2013

Today is the day that we will leave Ecuador . We have had the best time in Ecuador but it is time to say goodbye. We have a midnight flight to Atlanta , USA and we wait there for 10 hours then catch a plane to Amsterdam . But thats later on… Right now we are going to make a short , weird movie and post it on Youtube : i also made a video on how to do a really cool Ecuadorian bracelet :

These two videos were filmed in Aya and Hectors house . We also went on an adventure to a beautiful farm and you can see those photos on my photography page ; @pachita_photography But one of the highlights would have been going to see two Condors . The Condor is the largest bird in the world! It is only found in Ecuador! How amazing is that?! watch is here :

As soon as you can say ‘ BASINGA!’ We are boarding the plane to Atlanta . Unfortunately this plane did not have a TV, but it was a night flight so we were sleeping anyway . So we arrive in Atlanta , the state that has a peach on the postcards . One thing i know it that America has double double double EVERYTHING!! We got a mexican thing in the waiting area and it came with a large cup… the lady said that you can fill it up over there.. so we go and see whats up for offer… Did you know that you can get flipping cherry, vanilla coke?!! With infinity refills??😱

I also love my new beanie that is like Mike from Monsters Inc . So i was the cause of many smiles that day! 🙂 As quick as a tick, we were off ! This time we had TV s , so i got stuck into Parental Gidance and Chasing Mavricks . I did not sleep at all!! So in no time we landed in Amsterdamn . Tired like crazy!! Jet lag was not kind to us… so we were sleep walking all the way to Germany and went we got on to the 3 hour train it felt like 3 minutes ! We got there safely and felt more awake . ahahha

Now we are staying with my Mums cousins Astrid and Michael and there kids, Paula and Karla!






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