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Ecuador’s Earthquakes. 

While we were in Coffs Harbour we heard that a massive earthquake struck my birth country of Ecuador. Now coming back home (and internet) we have found out a lot more and it’s shocking…

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was the biggest in 70 years and has devastated the coastline near my family’s hometown and has left over 600 people dead.

Everyone from my (300 member) family seems ok, but the place has been smashed. The magical surf spots we visited along the northern coast, like Conoa and Mompiche have been ripped apart. These places are remote and it must be so hard to get help to many of these areas.

My friends and family are camped out in the streets because their houses are not safe and there are huge aftershocks still going on.

Even though Ecuador is an economically ‘poor’ country, families and communities are strong and everyone is helping each other the best they can.

It is hard to know what to do to help – but my friends have set up an account that people can donate to if they can:

and this is one for all communities in Ecuador:


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