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From Hossegor to Lisboa! Road-trip

After my amazing times in France, instead of going home, my Mum, brother and cousin came to meet me! We had planned to road trip through Spain and Portugal investigating hidden surf breaks and getting to know areas where we might come back to compete- living in a van! We stumble across some beautiful, unexpected places throughout Spain- it reminded me of Ecuador and I loved every second of it. The food was amazing but we didn’t go out for dinner- we could just grab some bread, cheese and tomato from the local markets and enjoy each other’s company from the comfort of our mobile home. We stayed 1 night in a camping site but the other 20 or so nights were wild and free- we had no schedule so we could soak in the culture and atmosphere of some old Portuguese and Spanish towns and villages for however long we pleased. I was so happy to be with my family, not seeing them for a couple of months made a lot of funny catch-ups! The surf was always a hit or miss- we would come at a wrong tide or swell and the amount of rocks along the coastline of Portugal made it unsurfable… But there were some amazing sessions with some new friends, our favourite place would have been a town called Ericera- not far from Lisbon, the waves reminded me of Snapper Rocks, especially Coxos, the best wave in Portugal. Dogging sea urchins and some chilly 6 degree mornings, our trip had no big problems- other than Mum getting stuck on the smallest roads with the van, and we all made it back home in one piece! Hope you can get a taste of our adventures through some of these videos.


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