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My Awesome Birthday


In the distance i saw a lady with balloons, IT WAS LAURA!! 😀  i was soo amazed that she would even get me balloons! and when she came i was just jumping up and down! and she had a filmer ( Stefan ) to film my party and i was just sooo HAPPY !! 🙂   😀   we had to run up the hill  for Stefan and when he said go! Laura fell and landed on a balloon so all i heard was a big ‘POP’ and she just got up and kept running 🙂    but it was just soo much fun!!!



We ate watermelon. 😉

We ate cake. 😀

We danced to Harlem Shake. 😛

We drew all over Laura’s Surfboard. 🙂

Yeah you can say it was pretty awesome day. 😀

Then we went for a surf with Laura… when we had to go in we caught a party wave and i almost got barreled 😀 it was awesome!!!

After Laura had to go some of my friends and i went to Keyhole at snapper, woah that was fun!! we also went to the washer… we got pushed off the rocks 🙂 hahaha

But i got some pretty epic presents 🙂 8)

BUT Laura got me a really cool bag…a top..some shorts…AND a pair of swimmers!!!!

Also the fact that she came for the whole day!! I mean who would give up their precious time for a little girl?

To sum it all up, I had THE BEST DAY EVER!!!! 😀


#Billabong #12yearolds #AWesomedays #BestFemaleSurfers #LauraEnever

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