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Oahu, Hawaii with Billabong Sisters

Oahu, Hawaii…

The land of aloha, the ever-changing magical island where ripples from the deepest Pacific Ocean storms crash into volcanic rocks and reef, to then disappear into a salty, cool breeze that sweeps across the lush forests.

This is the North Shore and it’s where I recently spent 2 weeks with the funniest crew from the Billabong women’s – athletes and managers, creative directors, social media, marketing- we became a family, a sisterhood of ocean lovers and global wanderers. The endless laughs, heartfelt stories and dance parties… I felt so euphoric that I didn’t need much sleep- I would just open my eyes to the view of the ocean and palm trees- hear the voices of the girls’ downstairs and would need someone to pinch me, I still think I was dreaming.

On the day of our arrival, Josie and I, passed pineapple fields, coffee fields and sugar cane that slowly gave way to an incredible view of the North Shore coast. One main road is used to get around town, very different to the multiple highways upon highways when flying into Honalulu. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we got to see Pipe from Billabong’s house at Off The Wall, years and years of legends have surfed this famous break- so many stories – I felt inspired and in awe at the same time.

I was even lucky enough to surf it (okay, maybe it was only 2ft and on shore!), but I still felt adrenaline pumping through as I paddled, looking down into the rocky caves and watching the girls rip apart the waves from Backdoor and Off The Wall. I was so excited to be there- I forgot to hunt for waves, I kind of lolled about- soaking it all in. Suddenly, as a wave broke, I saw a grey silhouette and called for the girls to check it out… A seal?! Alessa and Courtney said they’re here all the time- Bella and I had never seen a seal in the surf! I guess they like the tropical waters?? It still boggles me now. We had some pretty amazing experiences whenever we surfed- I got the closest I’ve ever gotten to a sea turtle- they were just chilling about the line-up, so cool!

One of my favourite things to do was to hike up to an incredible view- well, we usually raced up the muddy track- it was the funniest thing every getting back down the slippery slopes! Standing from the lookout, you could see from Sharks Cove all the way to V-land, with a birds eye view of Pipe and Sunset. I took a really deep breath and absorbed it all- I would joke about going to Hawaii- “I’ll go one day!”  but thought it was a far distant dream and now that day had become a reality.

While we were there, there was some VIP parties like the Surfer Awards and some Billabong parties where I soaked in the presence of living surfing legends- and meeting the people I follow on social media, pretty crazy! The food was delicious, all Acai bowls, Poke bowls and nachos from the local food trucks! It was crazy seeing different foods, no vegemite in Hawaii! But we found lots of yummy avocados!

I even had the chance to act – making an Instagram video skit with Culture Machine – (some may know of @urmumsyadad) a whole bunch of creative geniuses.  It was insane to work with them, but more importantly, it was amazing to get to know them as good mates.

Watch the video I made with them on the account.

During our stay in Hawaii, I got to surf with my inspirations, Laura, Courtney, Flick and Alessa- fellow team mates with incredible stories, from life to competition. Every time I watched them on a wave, it filled me with wonder… “How do they do that?” “Could I do that one day?” and when they were out of the water, we giggled and danced- just having fun. It made me feel like anything is possible- where there’s a will there’s a way! Even getting to a magical and inspiring place like Hawaii. Mahalo.

photo’s will follow.


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