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The Amazing Conference

On the 17th of march I was dropped off in Byron bay for the Economics of Happiness Conference that my Mum was helping organise and guess who was a speaker? David Rastovich!! Dave Rastovich (

THE free surfer of Blue Horizon fame. When I heard that he was there I fully freaked out!! and when I met him he gave me a big hug…he is so tall!!! hahaha and later that day I got to join in his workshop with localisation leader Helena Norberg-Hodge. It was about your true identity and role models  and I made a comment about what Dave said about being born into a world with pollution, climate change, global warming and animal extinction.  After the workshop a lot of people came up to me and said they liked my comment – I was  ‘engaged’ with the crowd 🙂 hhahaha yeah it was fun!

Then the next night guess where I stayed?….Yes, at the home of THE MAN HIMSELF and his lovely partner Lauren!! ahahh it was really fun! When Lauren and I were pulling into the driveway we saw a red belly black snake! then we saw another really small one and stopped just in time! We sat on top of the car and watched it, but it didn’t move – so we had to drive around the snake! and it was really freaky because when we started to drive the snake started to move where the car was going!! and we had to go really slowly because on the other side was a really big ditch!! hahahaha we were really frazzled because we saw 2 snakes and Lauren has only ever seen 1 in one year and also it is the year of the snake AND i am born in the year of a snake!! so my nickname became serpent girl hahahaha

When we got into the house it was so much like my house! they are building there actual house  and are living in a demontable. They have a gas cooker camping oven (just like we had when we were building our house ) an outside shower – (so do we!) , a few acres mostly in the forest (us too!). They didn’t have running drinkable water yet, they have to buy really big tanks full or boil some – we have a filtering system to drink the sky juice!! and a one room  demountable – we lived in a tent while our house was in the making ( same as them!! ) and the best thing of all , when you look out the bed room window ( in theirs and in ours ) you see lush, aussie forest and the abundance of animals and birds are astounding!!!

But any way we watch a surfing movie called “The Heart & The Sea”  which Dave and Lauren are both in. Dave is riding the most difficult surf board to ride ( a model of a ancient  Hawaiian chief’s and it is basically a 16f heavy, finless piece of wood ) and he stood up!!. Lauren was amazing with her long boarding!! and I am still so amazed that I got to stay there 🙂

The next morning we woke up at six and went down to surf at the pass :). It was really awesome that mum had organised a surf lesson with Dave, Lauren, Pete and local surf legend , Rusty as teachers…IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  We didn’t have that much luck with weather ( rain, rain and more rain with a siding of wind  ) but we got a wonderful rainbow!! and I have to say that was good enough for Micheal Shuman, Charles Eisenstein and Manish Jain – but luckily it was very small surf 🙂

  P E R F E C T !!

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